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The Scenic Wealth Management Process involves the ongoing service, monitoring, and maintenance of our clients’ financial lives.  As your family’s Chief Financial Officer, our hands-on approach requires on-going communication between ourselves and our clients.  We work with our clients to identify tasks needed to achieve your financial goals, then work for our clients to ensure they receive the products needed at the best price available.

The Scenic Wealth Management Process includes:

Financial Health Monitoring

Risk Management

Debt Management

Wealth Transfer

 Scenic Wealth Management’s Annual Financial Reviews are a face-to-face meeting designed to identify and address annual financial goals and tasks.  Long-term financial goals are assessed and evaluated to ensure our clients remain on track to achieve life.  Housing, insurance, health benefits, government benefits, and tax minimization strategies are among the topics typically discussed.

Our clients receive a Quarterly Investment Call where we outline the Scenic Wealth Management investment commentary.  On this phone call we give our quarterly assessment on the macro global and domestic economies, summarize favored investment themes and styles, address the investment concerns of our clients, and set the expectations going forward.

At Scenic Wealth Management, our tactical investment management strategy requires on-going monitoring of investment themes and performance.  To ensure proper management, we have created a system designed to monitor each of our client’s portfolios on a weekly basis.  We evaluate the asset allocation, sector distribution, and performance of each of our client’s portfolios and reach out to them when a modification is required.

On average, Scenic Wealth Management clients are contacted on a monthly basis.  When was the last time you heard from your advisor?