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The Scenic Investment Management Process centers on establishing an Investment Policy Statement that clearly defines your investment philosophy, goals, and restrictions.  The process begins with knowing what rate of return is needed in order to achieve the lifestyle you want.  Once the required rate of return is known, we work with our clients to create a strategic or long-term asset allocation model that historically can produce the returns necessary to achieve the stated goals of our clients.

Once we have established the strategic asset allocation model, we implement the plan using a Tactical Asset Allocation model that is designed to take advantage of current economic and market conditions by overweighting the asset classes, styles, or sectors poised to lead the markets over the next 12-18 months.

The Scenic Investment Management Process includes:

Investment Policy Statement

Asset Allocation Modeling

Global Portfolio Construction

Tactical Investment Management

 At Scenic Wealth Management, we are fundamental investors who utilize market technicals and charting to evaluate entry and exit points.  Using proven market techniques, we aim to remove the emotion from investing by creating an investment discipline based on scientific research.  This discipline is articulated in our client’s Investment Policy Statements and is used to govern all investment decisions going forward.

We typically construct global portfolios for our clients designed to take advantage of the generational shift towards the global economy.  We implement our clients’ asset allocation model through individual securities, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) while utilizing options and other hedging instruments to mitigate portfolio risks.