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The Scenic Financial Planning Process centers on establishing a path to achieving your life goals.  As the first step in the Scenic Wealth Process, financial planning plays an essential role in creating an actionable game plan with attainable goals.  By focusing on the tangibles of where you are, what you are currently doing to achieve life, and what is needed to reach your financial goals we are able to straighten your financial path so you can achieve life sooner.

The Scenic Financial Planning Process includes:

Establish Objectives

Balance Sheet Organization

Income Statement Construction

Savings Plan Implementation

The Scenic Financial Planning Process is a needs based analysis that focuses on what it will take to achieve the life you have always imagined.  We quantify our client’s stated goals then list actionable steps in order to track and achieve success.  By clearly articulating the life and legacy our clients wish to lead, we are able to establish financial priorities and an efficient game plan for Scenic Wealth clients.