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Scenic Wealth Management works with our small business clients as a CFO For Hire providing outsourced consultation designed to enhance corporate profitability and better manage executive wealth. By focusing on the small business market, we are better able to anticipate issues before they arise and make pro-active adjustments without affecting the long term plan. We work with our clients to create an efficient financial system, a prudent Investment Policy Statement, and a business continuity plan.

At Scenic Wealth Management, we believe that by focusing on specific industries we are able to provide unique insights into financial management. We call this approach vertical wealth management. Vertical wealth management turns the traditional adviser relationship on its head. Instead of an adviser selling a cookie-cutter plan to generally all types of investors, this style of management utilizes a specific skill set to address the financial concerns of a very specific niche market. Using this approach, we have developed a unique perspective on the following types of small businesses:

Community Banks
Family Owned Businesses
Non-Profit Organizations