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Scenic Wealth Management has a unique approach to managing wealth. We believe that High Net Worth investors have been given an extraordinary opportunity to help enhance the lives of those people and issues that are closest to your heart. We work with our High Net Worth clients to create a direct link between your values and your wealth which in turn allow for more tax efficient planning and legacy creation.

At Scenic Wealth Management, we sit down with our clients to understand your family, what you are trying to accomplish with their wealth, how long you would like your values to shape your family, and your sensitivity to market volatility and taxation. Our clients look to us to develop and manage a strategic wealth management plan that ties the values, beliefs, culture, goals, and dreams of your family into a tax efficient investment strategy.

Scenic’s High Net Worth division concentrates on Wealth Preservation, Wealth Transfer, and Income & Distribution strategies. We utilize a Total Return approach to managing investment assets which aims to minimize taxes and enhance the long term performance of the portfolio. We employ trusts, tax advantaged accounts, deferred compensation agreements, and other high net worth strategies in order to help achieve your wealth management goals in the most efficient manner possible.

$1,000,000 minimum