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The career path of a coach requires a different view on financial planning.  More times than not, where you live is temporary, your benefits vary among institutions, your salary does not follow a continuous path, and employment opportunities are scarce.  Having a specific long term plan allows you to remain in control of your future in an uncertain industry and to focus your energy towards achieving your lifelong dreams.

As a leading national provider of wealth management services to coaching families, Scenic Wealth Management has developed a skill set designed to address the unique and challenging financial concerns that these families face.  Our distinctive process is designed to provide the most tax-efficient returns at the lowest cost possible, and as a fee based advisory firm our compensation is directly tied to growing your investable assets; not by selling you products.   By concentrating on a specific type of investor, we are able to anticipate issues and concerns relating to financial planning and career management years in advance and make strategic changes in your long term plan so you can live the retirement lifestyle you envision.

Scenic Wealth Management has extensive experience in working with coaches in each of the major conferences and is a trusted adviser to some of the most recognizable names in the country.  We work with our clients as an independent resource to help them understand the financial options made available to them and assist in the ongoing management of investable assets.  Our role as a personal Chief Financial Officer of these families allows coaches to focus on their career while we assist in managing their growing wealth.

For information on issues many coaches face, please visit our Coaches blog.

Benefits Consultation (TIAA, VALIC)
Deferred Compensation Agreements
Contract & Salary Consultation
Foundations & Charitable Giving

$100,000 minimum