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25 Scenic Rules for Investing

At Scenic Wealth Management, we believe that utilizing a long term investment philosophy provides the most tax efficient returns.  Below is a list of twenty-five rules we believe can improve your investment performance.

1. Systematically save & invest.
2. Know what is required to meet financial goals.
3. Rebalance.
4. Never get emotionally attached to a stock.
5. Stick to the game plan.
6. Be patient.
7. Manage the risk, not the return.
8. Buy & Hold is a fancy name for Investor Apathy.
9. Hope can be a verb or a noun – but is never a trading strategy
10. Diversify all risks.
11. Do not let any industry account for more than 20% of the portfolio.
12. Do not let an individual security account for more than 5% of the portfolio.
13. Live in a world of percentages.
14. Remember that there is a reversion to the mean.
15. Trust the charts.
16. Limit the losses.
17. Cash is a viable investment.
18. Set a price objective & sell / trim when it hits that price.
19. Take profits.
20. Do not let taxes govern investment decisions.
21. Know when you got lucky.
22. Know when you’re right.
23. Remember the stock doesn’t know or care where you bought it.
24. Never act on a hot stock tip.
25. Accumulate, Participate, or Protect.